[Prototype] SignLang is a visual dynamic database for sign languages powered by open source, machine learning and crowd-sourced videos. Presented at MIT Media Lab Berlin, August 2018
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[Interactive Installation] Gólgota Burger is a visual, touch and sound-based installation about the food we eat and take very much for granted, July 2018. Developed at School of MA. Exhibited twice in Berlin: at Liebig12 and Talk & Play #33 at the Game Science Center. 
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[Prototype] Playing around with DeepL interface to comply with accessibility principles: keyboard navigation and focus states, July 2018
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→ Visit live prototype 
[Inspiration] Why you should make useless things, TED talk by Simone Giertz, Apr 2018
[Inspiration] The Polygon Shredder
By Jaume Sanchez
for Chrome Experiments, Mar 2018
[Inspiration] Sougwen Chung creates real-time duet art with her AI robot, DOUG, Feb 2018
[Inspiration] Fun log in microinteractions on CreativeMornings, Dec 2017
[Inspiration] Paper Signals by Google, build-it-yourself voice control artefact, Nov 2017
[Inspiration] Good example of user-centric UI from a real estate website, Oct 2017
[Prototype] Animations to raise awareness about vegan food, Oct 2017
Magic Calendar, Google Kosho Tsuboi3
[Inspiration] E-paper Magic Calendar by Kosho Tsuboi, for Google's Android Experiments, Feb 2017
[Inspiration] Agi Haines works on the prospective design of the human body, met in San Francisco, Feb 2017
[Prototype] Playing around with Tinkercad and 3D modeling, Sep 2016
[Proposal] Interactions for a VUI mobile app, targeting deaf and hard-of-hearing people, from Research to Prototyping, Jul 2016
[Prototype] Hacking electronic every Circuit Hacking Monday at Noisebridge, May-Sep 2016
[Prototype] Flaschen Taschen User Interface built with Ruby on Rails, Noisebridge, Maker Faire, San Francisco Bay Area, May 2016
[Inspiration] Timoni West sharing her journey of building VR/AR authoring tools at Unity Labs, met in San Francisco, May 2016
[Inspiration] Rotary X by Lizzy Brooks, an Open Source Question & Answer machine, Jun 2016
[Proposal] Sunrise + Moves apps into one app, Jun 2015
[Prototype] Design Thinking challenge to present a mobile app concept in a 3-min animated video, May 2014
[Inspiration], the Google Doc for music scores, 2014
[Inspiration] Moodstone by AQ Tokyo for Google's Creative Lab, May 2014
[Inspiration] DIRTI, making digital music out of tapioca sand, May 2014
[Inspiration] The job to be done by Clayton Christensen, 2013
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