Hi 👋🏼 I'm Sophia Kecir Camper

After a decade working as a problem-solver, I'm now supporting individuals growing as Designers.

A.k.a witnessing a humble flight ✈️ attendant becoming a remarkable Designer.
2018 03 14 Design for impact – Hexagon meets McKinsey_Airbus Design Thinking challenge3

Advisor, Facilitator, Mentor, Advocates of design practices.
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Lead Designer. Maker. Plant-based food Activist 🍔

Most proud of having worked with
remote teams using Figma, circuit-hacked at Noisebridge and stealing a selfie with David Kelley.

Currently based in eclectic Berlin.


Lead Designer tackling UX, UI and strategic dilemmas.
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Plant-based food Activist.


Maker of Interactive Installations and multi-disciplinary arts.
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"I came into the course not knowing what I would get out of it even though I did countless research on different UX design Bootcamp courses before choosing DesignLab. Like a new user on a website/app, I had one goal: to broaden my knowledge on UX/UI design and see if I can go down this journey as a designer. Like a new user, I felt a bit overwhelmed, worried, and frustrated at times in the course and during my personal journey of becoming a designer. Sophia, my mentor has made a huge impact on not only challenging me to think deeper but she also empowered me to make my own design decision. When I was totally lost, Sophia then guided me in the right direction so that I can keep my momentum going and continue without giving up. To make the best use of the four 1-hour mentor sessions, Sophia always made sure that I plan for it accordingly. Thank you so much, Sophia! It was an absolute pleasure to be taught and mentored by you."
Miso Cho — Design Mentee, DesignLab
"Working with Sophia was both challenging and extremely rewarding. Her rich experience as a designer is evident from every conversation we had and every piece of feedback I received. She consistently pushed me to think of my design in different ways by asking thoughtful questions and encouraged me to think big and bold. Not only that, but Sophia's kindness and humor made my experience at Designlab one I will remember forever. Thank you, Sophia!"
Alitzel Tamayo — Design Mentee, DesignLab
"Sophia was fabulous to work with. 
Her strong opinions, thoughtfulness, 
transparent process, a knack for asking good questions, and attention to detail
left us very happy with the outcome and the process. Excellent balance of strategy and execution."
Andy Wilson — Founder, Visitwell
"I have had the privilege to work with Sophia and I have to admit that she is a unique creative thinker and an excellent sparring partner. She likes to work on product design by thoroughly investigating internally and externally, she is not afraid to get her hands dirty and never loses focus of the underlying customer needs and the “job to be done”. Sophia also moderated many workshops and ideation sessions that provided valuable insights and improvements both on internal- and customer-facing products."
John Papageorgiou — Product Manager, FreightHub
"Working with Sophia to develop the OpenFarm design vision was a great experience. She brought fresh eyes and a unique perspective to the project, and was willing to dive in deep and run with her ideas. She worked hard to develop relationships among the team and keep everyone moving forward."
Rory Aronson — Founder, OpenFarm & Farmbot
"Sophia has been such a tremendous mentor for me. Her feedback on each submission and in our meetings was incredibly helpful and detailed. I liked how she really pushed my thinking and were able to explain how these activities would happen
in a real-life scenario."
Diana Hu — Design Mentee, DesignLab
 "Sophia helped me to make many connections on how to design for end-users. I used to only think about how things can be created and not about the user experience or how a user will actually use the thing. This has had a profound impact on the way that I work and is leading me to explore alternate ways of designing things. I am really grateful
for Sophia's mentorship."
John Hillegas — Design Mentee, DesignLab
 "Sophia is an excellent mentor, very positive and
open-minded! She always gives not only detailed and thorough feedbacks but also some advice that encourages you to think and go a little further of the class. In Skype sessions, Sophia gave explanations using metaphors, visual elements, and real-life examples for better understanding. I've gained a lot of knowledge from her. Thanks Sophia!"​
Olga Bolshchikov — Design Mentee, DesignLab
"Sophia is a great teacher. She understands the student's learning behavior (to go fast or to go slow and detailed) and adjusts accordingly. Her grip on the subject is excellent and details out the topics very well and gives examples from real life to ease the understanding. An honor to learn from her."​
Raghuvamsi Ayapill — Design Mentee, DesignLab