Hi there, I'm Sophia Kecir Camper

Third-Culture Woman.
MacGyveress. Critical Thinker.
Bakeries Hunter. Designer.


January 2022, Berlin

Currently raising awareness about Climate Change with a badass Collective of Creatives at Brakcshaw Studio.

When time allows, I work as a Design Consultant for selected projects, bringing a strong Design Thinking foundation, from Research to Rapid Prototyping, and a sharp mindset to innovate and think outside of the box.

As of now, I have mentored 70+ career-switching UX/UI Designers and offered a 5-class interactive live course about Design Thinking.

Whenever possible, I geek out on food, whether it is through cooking, playing with electronics, or talking about speculative design.


Lead Designer, Consultant

The most significant project among the clients I worked with last year: uplifting the design practice of the in-house innovation studio at Babbel, one of Berlin's large tech organizations, while contributing to shifting the company culture from a marketing to a design-driven culture.
Facilitating workshops, running interviews, and building prototypes, gave me the opportunity to interact with a diversity of stakeholders on a daily basis, from language learners to designers, engineers, linguists as well as the C-suite.


Design Mentor & Coach

Since 2016, I got the opportunity to mentor designers and share my knowledge while empowering them to grow, hone their skills, and be comfortable with thinking outside of the box. Fast forward to last year, I have mentored 70+ resilient human beings, from a flight attendant to a military officer, who decided to embrace a new career.
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Senior Product Designer, Freelance

Since 2012, I had the opportunity to work with a variety of companies and industries from self-funded startups, Series-A to large corporations. In-house, remote, as the first designer, with distributed teams, from Silicon Valley to Europe. 
Self-taught, I started off as a UX Designer when it wasn't yet a thing. After a few clients under my belt, I get more involved in the end-to-end process from research to prototyping, service design and building the final UI.
My essential chopsticks: Design Thinking, MVPs, Figma and The Job To Be Done.

While in Silicon Valley from 2015 to 2017, I had the privilege of participating in Design Thinking workshops at the D.School of Stanford with Sir David Kelley, running one myself, building a collective interactive installation for the MakerFaire with the folks at Noisebridge Hackerspace, and being involved with open-source and non-profit organizations like OpenFarm and Signal.

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Engineering Systems Analyst "Process Designer" 

In my previous life, I was into continuous improvements of assembly lines processes in manufactories like L'Oréal and Alstom in China. The best introduction to user interviews, research, user experience and lean methodologies!

What would you do if you had €1 million to spend for the common good?