I'm Sophia Kecir Camper.

I work as an Interaction Designer and I build web, mobile and tangible interfaces for People. Collaborating with Tech Startups since 2012, from early stage to Series-A ventures, I have often led the design practice.

What do I care about? 

- the job to be done* of people I design for
- working hands-on and in close-knit teams with engineers
- empowering others through Design Thinking  workshops
- cross-cultural, inclusive and purpose-driven challenges
- creative-oriented and remote-friendly work environment

Currently based in San Francisco Berlin.

— Interaction Design, Product Design, UX/UI Design, Rapid Prototyping, Design Thinking, Design Sprint

Most of my time, this is what I built!

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2018 03 14 Design for impact – Hexagon meets McKinsey_Airbus Design Thinking challenge3

Design Thinking facilitator bringing together teams, ideas and job to be done.
Often, this is how I nourrish my work

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Craftwoman playing around with hardware, food, and artefacts.
What I do, whenever I can!

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