Hallo! ????
I'm Sophia Kecir Camper.

I design Web interfaces for Humans.


Feb 2018
Currently, I am contributing to the challenge of reinventing the experience of shipping containers worldwide, shifting an old industry to the digital age.
Available for side projects, public speaking and teaching opportunities.

For the past months and years
I've had the great fortune of working in close-knit teams with talented people from around the world, whether Product Managers, Engineers or fellow Designers.

Whether it is an iOS mobile app, a marketplace or a VUI, my latest works include:
- a wiki for edible crops
- an app for people with hearing disabilities
- an animated prototype for a vegan supermarket
- a journaling app

I've been involved in mentoring aspiring Interaction Designers and running Design Workshops at Noisebridge hackerspace in San Francisco.

Every now and then, I sharpen my skills in Computer Programming (iOS development, Ruby on Rails) and in Human-Centered Design, like I did at the D.School of Stanford in 2016.

When I graduated in 2009, my Master's degree major was in Manufacturing Engineering Systems. I then started working in manufactories in France and China. I was fascinated by automation and Kanban processes.
In 2013, I launched a business to bridge the gap between IOT makers and users. This is when I learned everything about Lean Startup, User Experience, Web design and Design Thinking.
For the last 4 years, I have been freelancing as a Product Designer for Tech Start-ups. First from Paris, and for the last 2 years from San Francisco. Since September 2017, I'm based in Berlin.

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