Hello ????
I am Sophia Kecir Camper
I design for the Web

Sep 2017
Currently redesigning the website of a vegan-only online grocery store. And preparing the launch of my first online Interaction Design course (yay!).
Available for opportunities as an Interaction Designer. 
Open to side projects and teaching opportunities.

I've worked on iOS mobile apps, Voice User Interfaces and market places. Tackling purpose-driven challenges such as:
- better accessibility and inclusion for the Deaf,
- improving food systems sustainability, and
- empowering people through cognitive sciences.

I've been involved in mentoring aspiring Interaction Designers, and running Design Workshops.

On an ongoing basis, I sharpen my skills, in Human-Centered Design with the D.School at Stanford, and Computer Programming (iOS development, Ruby on Rails). 

When I graduated in 2009, my Master's degree major was in Manufacturing Engineering Systems. I then started working in manufactories in France and China. I was fascinated by automation and Kanban processes.
In 2013, I launched a business to bridge the gap between IOT makers and users. This is when I self-learned everything about lean startup and UX Design.
Since 2014, I've been freelancing as a Product Designer for tech Start-ups. First from Paris, and for the last 2 years from San Francisco. I'm now based in Berlin.

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