Visitwell logomark+type, online platform for booking travel tours, attractions and activities. 

Design Advisor, UI Designer, Branding
September 2017 — 2018

A/B test product page (currently in production)
Animated prototype of the end-to-end UI handoff to the front-end engineer
Sophia was fabulous to work with.
Her strong opinions, thoughtfulness,
transparent process, a knack for asking good questions, and attention to detail

left us very happy with the outcome and the process. Excellent balance of strategy and execution.
Andy Wilson — Founder, Visitwell

Swarovski launched a call for proposals to develop a wearable device. Its goal is to monitor and reduce cognitive stress by providing clear visuals about the evolution of the person's well-being (emotions, heartbeat, stress level...).
#calmtech #wearable #mobileapp

Concept — Call for proposals
April 2018

Core screens of the app concept
Animated prototype with the iPhone X device
FreightHub-logo, end-to-end digital freight forwarder for businesses to import merchandise from Asia to Europe. #materialdesign #B2B

Lead Product Designer
November 2017 — March 2018

Animated prototype of the "Documents upload" block
I have had the privilege to work with Sophia and I have to admit that she is a unique creative thinker and an excellent sparring partner. She likes to work on product design by thoroughly investigating internally and externally, she is not afraid to get her hands dirty and never loses focus of the underlying customer needs and the “job to be done”. Sophia also moderated many workshops and ideation sessions that provided valuable insights and improvements both on internal- and customer-facing products.
John Papageorgiou — Product Manager, FreightHub
What would you do if you had €1 million to spend for the common good?